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Auckland Art Gallery Magazine: Art Toi

Auckland Art Gallery Magazine: Art Toi

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Stay connected and informed – buy your copy in the Gallery Shop or from our online store. With lively commentary by a variety of writers, Art Toi keeps you up to date with all the Gallery’s activity – from exhibitions to acquisitions to public programming and more.

Edition 1 of Art Toi includes long and short-form articles about current and future exhibitions at Auckland Art Gallery, including Civilisation, Photography, Now, Enchanted Worlds: Hokusai, Hiroshige and the Art of Edo Japan and the Walters Prize. Texts discussing acquisition and collection highlights provide insight into the Gallery’s extensive holdings and commentary on Covid-19’s effect on the museum sector signposts innovative responses to this unprecedented event.

Edition 2 includes contributions and articles from Gallery staff and guest writers on our major new exhibition, Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art, recent acquisitions of international art, pictorial journeys into New Zealand’s singular landscape and our supporters.

Edition 3 of Art Toi includes articles that honour the work of queer artists – contemporary and historic, New Zealand and international, profiles upcoming projects, and takes you behind the scenes at the Gallery as we prepare to launch our virtual reality tour of Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art.

Edition 4 in this issue of Art Toi read about Reuben Paterson’s soaring new sculpture on the Gallery’s forecourt, learn about the careful observation that drove Bill Culbert’s art making, and take a tour of Romancing the Collection, a new exhibition drawn from our holdings of New Zealand and international, historic, modern and contemporary art. Buy your copy at the Gallery shop or subscribe via the shop’s website.

Edition 5 lets us discover what drove Mary Quant’s revolutionary fashion design and the effect her creative vision had on society in the United Kingdom and here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Enjoy a sample of photographs from the exhibition Max Oettli: Visible Evidence 19651975 with accompanying comments by the artist, and venture into the ‘clown time’ of Ugo Rondinone, whose major installation vocabulary of solitude fills the Gallery’s soaring North Atrium. This issue also includes the winning essay of the inaugural Michèle Whitecliffe Art Writing Prize and, as we look outside our shores, a discussion of the timely exhibition A Biography of Daphne at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne.

Edition 6 includes an interview with British artists Gilbert & George, an introduction to the beautiful exhibition Heavenly Beings: Icons of the Christian Orthodox World, a review of the Biennale of Sydney, a conversation with Yona Lee about her new exhibition An Arrangement for 5 Rooms and more.

Edition 7 includes a discussion on the 2022 Chartwell Show, Walls to Live Beside, Rooms to Own, a Q & A with Tongan artist Latai Taumoepeau about her performance work, Repatriate, a tour though the pages of one of the Gallery’s latest books, Robin White: Something Is Happening Here, articles about recent acquisitions and a bequest, a tour through the post-World War II history of Venice and its art world and more.

Edition 8 the bumper November issue of Art Toi includes two beautifully illustrated articles on Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and the art of post-revolution, modern Mexico; the winning essay for the 2022 Michèle Whitecliffe Art Writing Prize; an article in celebration of the centenary of the birth of New Zealand painter Douglas MacDiarmid; an in-depth discussion on the theme of nuclear war in Robin White’s artwork; and a conversation with contemporary artist Fiona Connor about her sculpture commission in Walls to Live Beside, Rooms to Own – The Chartwell Show.

Edition 9 features an article on the exhibition Light from Tate:1700s to Now which outlines the inspiration provided to artists by the phenomenon and theories of light; a piece on the careful conservation of the Gallery’s Brueghel painting dating from around 1615; an interview between curator Jane Devery and artist Brent Harris about Harris’s work, return to New Zealand after 25 years the his new survey exhibition; discussion of three recent acquisitions, and more.

Edition 10 includes an enlightening essay from the curator of Ever Present: First Peoples of Australia, discussing the exhibitions themes and introducing readers to key artists; a history of the Patrons of the Auckland Art Gallery – their gifting and ongoing support of the Gallery’s contemporary artwork acquisitions; a tour through one of the Gallery’s new collection exhibitions, Gothic Returns: Fuseli to Fomison; an interview conducted by 1970s Elam School of Fine Arts student Jean Clarkson with David Hockney on print making; and more.

Edition 11 discover the magical world of Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei, read this year’s winner of the Michèle Whitecliffe Art Writing Prize, immerse yourself in the themes and artworks in two new exhibitions – one contemporary and one historical art – and trace the 10-year history of the Contemporary Benefactors’ philanthropy.

Edition 12 focuses on the incredible Robertson Gift and a major new exhibition that presents the 15 artworks bequeathed to the Gallery. Two essays introduce readers to the history of the gift and to the exhibition, with every artwork in the bequest beautifully illustrated in full colour. Other articles discuss New Zealand-born, Berlin-based artist Simon Denny’s second biggest public commission, Optimism, which is currently on show at the Gallery; two new curators write about favourite works of theirs in the collection; and curator and writer Juliana Engberg reviews two Sydney exhibitions and takes readers on a journey into the sublime.

Members receive three issues per year of Art Toi alongside a range of benefits, including free unlimited entry to paid exhibitions, access to special events, discounts in our shop and café, and more. Join us today.

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