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Niue Raw Certified Organic Honey

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Niue Honey’s uniquely delectable honey is pure and unprocessed from the pristine apiary paradise of Niue. Expertly crafted by millions of hardworking bees, passionate beekeeper Andy Cory takes only what the bees can spare in order to share delicious Niue Honey with the world. This gorgeous golden edible elixir comes to you straight from the hive with a rich flavour of malt and caramel, so distinctive in character that it was awarded Best International Honey at Britain’s National Honey Show. On top of free honey for all Niue residents, Niue’s agricultural productivity, economic growth, and native bush regeneration are all flourishing thanks to the dedicated efforts of Andy and his bees. No time to waste, take home your own taste of paradise today!

19.2 x 8.8 x 3.5cm 
certified raw organic unpasteurized honey, two 1st-in-class golds and Best International Honey at the UK’s 85th National Honey Show
made in Niue

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