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Perpetua Lumina Pencil

Perpetua Lumina Pencil

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Let your pencil illuminate the path to a brighter future! No ordinary writing tool, the Perpetua pencil is a product of passionate innovation, utilising 80% of graphite powder that would have otherwise been landfill to produce a pencil with minimal waste and maximum potential. Despite being composed of graphite, this pencil will not dirty your hands and comes complete with an FDA certified eraser that glows in the dark! Blurring the lines between science and magic, the rubber attracts and retains light waiting until darkness to radiate a mystical fluorescent brilliance. We also have three new beautiful styles: a glitter pencil, a solo pencil with brush, and more colours in the classic pencil you know and love. 

19.5 x 1 cm
HB hardness 
80% recycled graphite
hands stay clean 

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