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The exhibition China Welcomes You ... at Kunsthaus Graz presented a selection of some fifteen artists, setting out to explore new identities that present China from very different perspectives, confirming some stereotypes and refuting others. At the same time, the exhibition set out in search of the roots and precursors, bridges between here and there, between such a rich heritage of major historic upheavals in the twentieth century and the dynamic present situation. The exhibition, that filled the whole Kunsthaus Graz up to the panorama terrace Needle, featured a broad spectrum of very different genres from installation to projection, painting and ceramic art that display and challenge their origin, sometimes subtly, sometimes unexpectedly ostentatiously.

The catalogue of the exhibition examines, in short essays and conversations with the participating artists, current influences, themes and developments affecting contemporary art in China.

22 x 28 x 1.7cm
softcover, two books
172 pages & 91 pages
ISBN 9783865602718

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