Sold Out Hand-Painted Butterflies Ornate Cross

Hand-Painted Butterflies Ornate Cross

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Hand crafted by Mexican artisans, these vibrantly painted crosses reference the fusion of cultures in Mexico. The cross was significant in pre-colonial culture, before the Spaniards introduced its Catholic meaning. As a Mayan symbol, the cross represents the four directions of the wind – and the energies that come from the heart, which are essential to growing crops. Decorated with traditional flora and fauna, these ornate crosses are available in a range of colours, ready to add a pop to any interior. Sourced via Made in Mexico NZ, which celebrates the artists and traditions of Mexico, our ceramic crosses bring the joy of high-quality artisanal homeware to Aotearoa New Zealand, direct from Mexican makers.

24.1 x 16.3 x 2.4cm approximately 
each one will vary as they are uniquely handmade and hand-painted 
handmade in Mexico

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