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Kahu Design Glass Pendant Huia

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Glistening black with a distinct white tip, this monochromatic pendant takes its inspiration from the legendary long-lost huia, a native bird that once made their home in the forests of Aotearoa. In Māori culture, no object was more treasured than the sacred tail feather of the huia. The now-extinct huia’s feathers denoted great mana (prestige) and were kept in specially carved wooden boxes called waka huia. Redefining the lines between sculpture and adornment, Kahu Design creates glass artworks which both embrace the magic of the natural world and evoke the shimmering spirit of the celestial.

Each piece of glass jewellery is one of a kind. Variations in the colour and size may occur as a result. This only adds to the unique beauty and character of each piece.

small 6 cm approx.
medium 7 cm approx.
large 8 cm approx.
black adjustable cord (20 to 33 cm approx.)
made in New Zealand

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