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Amazonite Slice Earrings

Amazonite Slice Earrings

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Beloved for its seafoam serenity and named after the famous Brazilian river, amazonite has been used to create jewellery since early Mesopotamia and was even found decorating a scarab ring in King Tutankhamen’s tomb! Adorn yourself with a piece of natural history each time you wear these gorgeous amazonite slice earrings threaded onto 14ct gold hoops or sterling silver hoops. Lovingly handcrafted by refined jewellery creator Delwynne Winter from Auckland’s North Shore.

Each piece of rhodonite jewellery has been made by hand and is one of a kind. Variations in the colour and grain may occur as a result. This only adds to the unique beauty and character of each piece.

1.8cm hoop x 3.8 amazonite drop x 3.6cm
sterling silver or 14k gold and amazonite
made in Aotearoa, New Zealand

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