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Espagnole (Buste) Print

Espagnole (Buste) Print

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Add a Fauvist masterpiece to your collection with this print of Espagnole (Buste), [The Spanish Woman], 1922, by French artist Henri Matisse. It features the ballerina and musician Henriette Darricarrère in the traditional costume of a Spanish dancer. In this work, Matisse’s closeness with his favourite model at the time is unmistakable. Heady and sensuously enticing – with perhaps an aroma of perfume thickening the air – the painting draws us into its fold to luxuriate in its decorative beauty.

Espagnole (Buste) [The Spanish Woman] 1922

24.5 x 16.5cm (image only)
27.8 x 35.2 x 0.1cm (including white matting)
made in New Zealand

Unframed prints can be shipped both nationally and internationally, framed prints are only available to be shipped within Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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