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Hokianga Sandhills Print

Hokianga Sandhills Print

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A picture of tranquillity in subdued earth tones, Robin White’s Hokianga Sandhills, 1977 provides a snapshot of iconic Aotearoa coastline on a bright summer’s day. Hokianga Harbour has long been retired from its transport use in the early days of European settlement when many ships met a sunken fate upon the sandbar, swallowed up by the sea. Nowadays that treacherous history is long past and the harbour is used mainly for leisure and is popular for beachgoers relaxing on the shore and taking small boat trips into the water to get a view of the titular sandhills. Take home your very own piece of peacefulness with this New Zealand made print of White’s beloved Hokianga Sandhills.

16.5 x 20.2cm (image only)
27.8 x 35.2 x 0.1cm (including white matting)
made in New Zealand

Unframed prints can be shipped both nationally and internationally, framed prints are only available to be shipped within Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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