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Hokusai & Hiroshige Travel Bag Set

Hokusai & Hiroshige Travel Bag Set

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Carry the crisp, vivid imagery of two of Japan’s most skilled and beloved artists showcased on this stunning set of LOQI Zip Pockets. World famous for his paintings and woodblock prints, Hokusai was one of Japan’s most influential artists of the 19th-century and Hiroshige is the last great master of the Japanese ukiyo-e tradition and is renowned for his fabulous landscapes. With three different sizes, these zip pockets are the answer to all your small storage needs - be it for travelling, stationery, crafts, and more! Bold designs, water resistance, and durable material make Loqi the unbeatable choice for reusable bags.

mini: 14 x 23cm
midi: 20.5 x 27.5cm
maxi: 25 x 31.5cm

OEKO-TEX certified

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