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Kaupapa Game

Kaupapa Game

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Go from zero reo to kōrero hero! Expand your reo Māori vocabulary with this brilliant bilingual bonanza board game. Kaupapa is a word description game that can be played at any knowledge level, whether kākano (beginner) or tohunga (expert). The goal is simple: describe as many words as possible to your teammates in a minute. The more kupu (words) you describe, the faster your team advances in this fluent, fast-paced game of fun! With 900 kupu and a gorgeous koru-shaped game board, Kaupapa will strengthen your reo and provide hours of entertainment for many games nights, parties, and rainy days to come.

39.5 x 37.5 x 7.5cm boxed
37.5cm diameter and 0.75cm board
each game includes: 1 game board, 150 word cards, 12 Māui cards, 3 reference cards, 3 team tokens, 1 timer, 1 game guide and 1 coin 
8+ years
2-12+ players
suitable for beginners and fluent speakers of te reo 
20-45 minute games
made in New Zealand 

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