Original Beeswax Crayons

Original Beeswax Crayons

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Discover what all the buzz is about with Honeysticks Crayons! Designed with little ones in mind, Honeysticks Crayons are safe, sustainable, and sweet-smelling too thanks to their all-natural blend of 100% pure Aotearoa beeswax and food-grade colourings. These adorable crayons come in a rainbow of remarkable colours and are New Zealand made from beehive to box. Choose from 12-colour Honeysticks Originals with easy grip for even the smallest of hands and 8-colour Honeysticks Thins designed for older children’s bee-autiful beeswax masterpieces.  

5.5cm long x 2cm wide
12 jumbo-sized crayons 
100% natural, food-grade ingredients including New Zealand Beeswax
made in New Zealand

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