Rito Earrings Hot Pink

Rito Earrings Hot Pink

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Adorn your ears with elegant artwork thousands of years in the making. From the mighty coconut palm towering above into intricate earrings that fit in the palm of your hand, these exquisite Rito Earrings are handcrafted at every step of the process in Tivaevae Collectables’ home of the Cook Islands. Expert craftswomen on the island of Penrhyn honour traditional methods to transform young coconut fronds into fibre and use the fibre to weave meticulous miniature works of art, earning them their reputation as the best in the Pacific for this craft. Choose your favourite fastidiously fabulous Rito Earrings from fresh hot pink with a hoop centre or classic natural with a shell centre.

7 x 5.5cm
sustainably handmade from coconut palm
stainless steel hooks
handmade in the Cook Islands

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